About Us


Menorah Bible School is birthed in the heart of GOD, to see the sons and daughters led by the HOLY SPIRIT, filled with the agape passion of our LORD JESUS CHRIST, establishing the perfect WILL of GOD.


Making every effort in love, to build the church, where the aspirations of every person, is fulfilled in the body of Christ.


  • To walk in Holiness and Love before the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY
  • To build in humility
  • To think and act without prejudice and discrimination
  • To set high standards of ethics and contribute to the society
  • To develop others and oneself to achieve full potential

Menorah Bible School has a curriculum, that is designed to equip the students with the passion of Christ in their daily personal lives where “HOLINESS unto the LORD” is a way of life.
Unquenchable thirst for the presence of GOD, hunger for His Word become the deepest desire of the students with an excellent awareness of the calling of GOD upon their lives, fitting precisely in the body of Christ.